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Introducing the Psanctum Psychedelic Education Center and Non-profit Thrift store!

Updated: Jun 18

Introducing the Psanctum Psychedelic Education Center and Non-profit Thrift store!

Since 2018, Psanctum has produced events and created spaces that foster education, community, healing, and art. We threw the Gaian Mind Psychedelic Conference in 2019, and host the Psanctum Open Mic every Monday.

Turn On, Tune In, Help Out

To expand our mission, we are opening a thrift shop in SE Portland (Brooklyn neighborhood) that will allow us to raise funds for psychedelic-assisted therapy and harm reduction organizations. To this end, we will sell items like vintage and community-made products for fashion, home décor, and gifts, as well as operate our on-site Psychedelic Education Center and bookstore. Take a virtual tour of our new space here.

People who shop at Psanctum Thrift know that their purchases will help fund the growing field of psychedelic-assisted therapy in an effort to combat the addiction epidemic, as well give aid to people who suffer from depression, anxiety, and PTSD. We will grow as the parameters of psychedelic law, industry, and therapy allow.

For example, right now ketamine therapy is legal in Portland. We have working and friendly relationships with ketamine therapists and will begin implementing our mission by offering grants for ketamine therapy sessions.

Looking towards the future, psilocybin therapy has been approved for medical use in Portland, OR. The infrastructure is still being planned; but once implemented, Psanctum Thrift will be contributing to its growth and development. This will include partial and/or full financial aid for those seeking psychedelic-assisted therapy.

Additionally, having a supportive after-care community is essential for the healing process. Therefore, we will also be dedicating funds towards arts and cultural spaces like The Haven PDX, a visionary art space, community meeting ground, and the house of our sponsored ketamine therapists’ offices.

The Haven is also where we host our weekly Psanctum Open Mic. We believe that community and creative expression are important for the integration and healing processes. Our Mic is rooted in friendships and deep connections made over years of sharing cherished space with each other.

What Makes Us Different?

  1. Psanctum Thrift is the first non-profit thrift store to align itself with, and contribute to, the growing field of psychedelic-assisted therapy, a form of treatment that can address the root causes that lead many people to paths of addiction and, at times, houselessness.

  2. The Psanctum Thrift building includes a meeting space as well—a room for psychedelic integration circles, our book club, and harm reduction talks and workshops.

  3. The building also features a reference library, reading room, psychedelic book store, and archive.

Where your dollars go in support of this mission

We have secured a building and are nearly done with our renovations. We’re asking for support in finishing them. We also need…

  1. a Point of Sale system

  2. flooring and painting work

  3. shelving

  4. clothing racks

  5. Additionally, Psanctum recently acquired the last remaining boxes of the Timothy Leary archive still in private possession. We will need display cases to properly exhibit some of the items in our Psychedelic Education Center.

Your donations will allow us to open our doors much sooner! Thank you so much for your support.

Risks and Challenges

While psychedelic therapy is a growing field with a positive track record, fifty years of unjustified negative campaigns have set psychedelic research back half a century. On a social level, the propaganda still shows itself in the form of cultural stigmas around these medicines. Psanctum stands in opposition to these mistruths. We believe that through responsible use, education, and community support we can end such stigmas. We look forward to the challenge.

To learn more and/or support this vision, please visit our Kickstarter campaign.

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