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Psanctum is a small, independent nonprofit psychedelic harm reduction and educational group that believes in the responsible use of plant and fungal medicines for personal empowerment and spiritual health.

To this end, they hold a psychedelic speaker series, host the Gaian Mind Psychedelic Conference, and run the weekly Psanctum Open Mic. Their crowning achievement is the Psanctum Psychedelia Psychedelic Library, a vast collection of scholarly literature pertaining to the psychedelic Renaissance.


In order to keep their services ad-free, Psanctum Psychedelia depends on the donations of those who support their mission. Please consider making a one-time (or monthly) tax-deductible donation. Your gift will help ensure that Psanctum Psychedelia can not only continue to provide its services to the public but also expand its services into new areas in the future.


Mailing Address

4033 SE Milwaukie Ave
Portland, OR. 97202

EIN: 84-5134574

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