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Studies in LSD: Effects in Former Morphine Addicts and Development of Tolerance During Chronic Intox

Source: American Medical Association Archives of Neurology and Psychiatry (Nov 1956 Vol 76)

Authors: Harris isbell MD, RE Belleville MA, HF Fraser MD, Abraham Winkler md, CR Logan During the 1950s, the CIA financed myriad studies (mostly through doctors already working with LSD and mescaline) to test psychedelics and report back to the Agency. Dr. Harris Isbell was one of those doctors. Working at the Lexington KY Narcotic Farm (or “Narco,” a minimum security hospital/jail for drug addicts), Isbell happily accepted CIA checks for his research, and often broke accepted medical malpractice standards to meet his goals.

One of those breaches of proper medical conduct included trading hard drugs to addicts for their participation in LSD research at the Lexington. Other breaches, as outlined in this article, included giving high doses of LSD to inmates for 85 consecutive days.

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